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  The Bronze King
The Bronze King is book One of the
Sorcery Hall series, my love-letter to the magical city I grew up in.
The Vampire Tapestry
“Among the genre's few modern classics.”

The New York Times Book Review.

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“Valentine Marsh is fourteen and possessed of magical powers . . . vigorous action, a vivid New York city setting, and a well-blended sub-plot resolving the tensions between Val and her mother,who prefers a "normal" life to acknowledging her supernatural gift."
The Center
for Children's Books
“Probably the best vampire novel ever written.”
Oxford Times
“Devastatingly powerful.… Savage and intense and brilliantly satisfying.… rich and impressive.… a serious, startling, and revolutionary work.”
The Washington Post

High up on the Hill . . .
and still walking, but more slowly than before Y2K (remember Y2K?). The air up here is thinner, and the knees creak a bit.

In other words, no matter what your email tells you (over and over) about rejuvenating powers of asparagus or sudoku puzzles, we’re still all getting older. Aging is real for everybody (never mind the face or the figure; check the hands -- hands are true).
Your energy levels start to fluctuate more widely than they used to, and to diminish overall. This means more naps, more unfinished tasks, more stuff you don’t even get around to starting or have started but may never finish.

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